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Private number plates

Choose a private plate company that has a choice of millions of number plates for sale whatever your budget. The cheapest number plates start at just £79. If budget is tight, take a look at our Irish number plates for something that won’t break the bank.

Price is important. But it’s not the only thing to bear in mind. As members of the Cherished Numbers Dealers Association, we adhere to a strict Code of Conduct. Which gives you complete peace of mind with our 100% Money Back Guarantee.


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What is car and number plates cloning

Car and number plate cloning is on the up

Make no mistake, this is no minor problem. And what's worse is that any of us could fall victim to this crime, without even knowing it.

The Telegraph claims up to 8% of cars have cloned number plates. I'd say that was a bit of an exaggeration to grab the reader's attention. Especially if you look at their definition of cloning, which I would argue is not actually correct. Nevertheless, it's still a very real problem, that can (at the very least) cause the rest of us a bit of a headache. At worst, we could end up considerably out of pocket or even with the police knocking at our door.

So what exactly is car cloning?

The phrase "car cloning" basically means passing off a car with the identity of another (using the car registration number). Usually, this is done using the same make / model / colour of the original vehicle. It's done by either having number plates made up or by stealing number plates from someone else's car.

Think it's a minor crime? Think again.

Who clones cars and number plates?

Cars are cloned by criminals to commit a variety of offences.

Crimes can include selling stolen cars by making them look like legitimate cars. If you're  buying a vehicle privately, make sure you do some checking before parting with cash.

James Fyfe jailed for car and number plate fraud

Fraudster James Fyfe jailed for selling number plates he did not own

James Fyfe led a lifestyle of luxury based on lies and false claims.

He duped unsuspecting buyers into parting with £1000's for prestige personalised number plates and supercars that he did not own. And he used the money to fund a lavish lifestyle, renting supercars and wearing designer clothes.

He presented himself as a car salesman, and advertised Porsches and Ferraris under company name Prestige Lifestyle Supercars. How? Using social media channels and other websites. In reality, he didn't own these. But conned buyers into transferring deposits direct to his bank accounts. In total, he was found guilty for frauds adding up to £231,000.

private number plates at The Plate Market

It's taken a while... but worth the wait, we hope!

The Plate Market launched a sparkling new private number plates website today.

Finding your private number plate was never easier

The site is still packed with great value number plates that start from under £95. With over 45 million to choose from, you'll be spoilt for choice.

To make it easier, we've added some helpful filters. Now you can limit your results based on price, to see what's available within

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We've heard stories of people making lots of money by investing in number plates. But it's not for everyone. If you're considering number plates as a form of investment, here are some tips to help you along the way:
  1. Choose your number plate carefully. Spend on a good quality registration number, and invest wisely.
  2. Aim for a registration number with a wide appeal
  3. Compare prices with other number plates similar to the one you are considering investing in.
  4. Expect an initial drop in value, especially if you buy from a dealer.
  5. Allow for additional costs. DVLA fees apply when transferring or renewing your registration number.

Car write off

Guide to what you need to do with your personalised number plate when your car is written off.

Car written off

You've had an accident in your car.

Your insurance company has decided it's beyond economic repair. In other words, it will cost more to repair than the value of the car itself. So the car will be written off.

What happens to my personalised number plate?

Car in snow

Safety should be at the forefront of your mind every time you sit down at the wheel, no matter what time of year it is.  However, during the winter, driving is particularly hazardous.  The days are getting shorter, visibility is poorer, and the roads are likely to be wet or icy.  Here are a few tips to help you look after your car, stay safe, and avoid costly repair bills during the winter months:

Staying on Top of Basic Maintenance

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