Suffix style number plates

UK suffix number plates issued 1963 to 1983

Not expensive if you're not concerned about the actual letters. Popular with classic car owners looking to restore some authenticity back to their car if the original registration number has been removed.

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Here are some examples:

suffix number plates BAM 148Hsuffix number plate JON 628W

What are suffix number plates?

Suffix style number plates are car registration numbers issued in the UK, starting from 1963.

When car number plates were first issued in 1903, they were given out as they were needed. But the number of cars on UK roads was growing fast, and we were running out of dateless number plates.

So for the first time a number plates year identifier was introduced. The last letter indicated the year in which that registration number was issued. It meant that letter and number combinations could be re-used each year, but just changing the last letter.

They are called suffix number plates because the year identifier is at the end of the registration number.

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What do suffix number plates look like?

All suffix style number plates follow the same format: 3 letters, up to 3 numbers, and a final letter (the suffix) which identifies the year the registration number was issued. See some examples on this page.

Because they have a year identifer, there is a DVLA rule that comes in here. You cannot put a number plate on a car if it would make it appear to be newer than it is.

What is a suffix number plate

Here the letter W at the end tells us this registration number was issued sometime between 1st August 1980 and 31st July 1981.

You can also find the exact year that any suffix number plate was issued.

Are suffix number plates worth anything?

Often, yes.

Because suffix number plates are quite old, they have become more difficult to get hold of. Common initials and short 3-letter names will always be snapped up. More obscure letters still have some (limited) value because there's a market for classic car enthusiasts wishing to restore a registration number of the right age to a car.

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How much is a suffix number plate worth?

Well this depends the letters and numbers.

Short common names like JAS or BEN will fetch £1000's. The exact amount will depend on the numbers that sit alongside. Common initials will have a lot of value too.

Even obscure letter combinations can sometimes attract a few £'s.

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