Prefix number plates

UK Prefix style number plates

These registration numbers have become really popular whatever the budget. They are a great low budget personalised number plate.

Here are some examples of prefix registrations:

prefix number plates FAYprefix number plates KAMprefix number plates Emma Emilyprefix number plates Barbara Babprefix private number plates Terryprefix number plates United footballprefix number plates DWSprefix number plates NAMSYprefix number plates MTL

What are prefix number plates?

UK Prefix style number plates were first issued from 1983, when suffix number plates ran out of letters. The year identifier was moved from the end of the registration number to the beginning... hence prefix.

What do prefix number plates look like?

All prefix style number plates have the same type of format: one letter (year identifier), up to 3 numbers, and then 3 more letters.

What is a prefix number plate

Because these have a year identifer, there is a DVLA rule that applies here. You cannot transfer a private number plate to your car if it would make it appear to be newer than it is. So the registration number L17 DWS is from 1st August 1993. You cannot transfer it to car that is older than this date.

There are some more examples on this page.

You can also find the exact year that any prefix number plate was issued.

Are they worth anything?

Sometimes, but not always.

There are a lot of prefix number plates around, so they are generally easily available. That means that the popular ones hold value. That applies to common names like DAN or SAM. And even common initials like AJS or JMH. But more obscure letter combinations are not desirable so they are rarely worth selling. 

How much is a prefix number plate worth?

Well this depends the letters and numbers.

Popular names like TOM or JEN are valuable. The exact amount will depend on the rest of the registration number and how popular the name is. Common initials will have a lot of value too. But more obscure letters are rarely worth very much at all.

Got a prefix number plate you're thinking of selling? Ask us for a free number plate valuation.

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