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Free number plate valuation

We will advise on advertising price of your cherished registration number. Number plate valuations are free.

This service is available to the owner of the registration number (or a representative) only.

Please note that by requesting a FREE number plate valuation you are giving us permission to advertise your registration number for sale.

What is a number plate valuation?

We will advise you on the asking price for your registration number. This is the price we suggest we should advertise your number plate for.

A number plate valuation is not an offer to buy it from you.

You can ask us to adjust the asking price as you wish.

How long does it take?

A highly experienced person will look at your request for a number plate valuation. We do this as quickly as possible. Free valuations take up to 5 working days. We will email you to let you know when it's done.

Please note that we cannot offer a repeat valuation for the same registration number if we have provided one within the past 12 months. Prices rarely change significantly in a 12 month period.

What happens after the valuation?

If you are happy with the figure we have suggested, you don't need to do anything. Your private number plate will be advertised automatically at the valuation price. If you'd like to advertise at a different price, just let us know and we'll work with you.

When you make a request for a free valuation, your registration number will be listed for sale. If you do not want us to list your registration number, please choose from our other number plate valuation services.

Why aren't all number plate valuations free?

Unfortunately, The Plate Market can no longer offer valuations for number plates free of charge. We have had to make the tough decision to withdraw this service. This is because we receive a huge volume of requests which are not from genuine sellers. It stops us offering the level of service we would like to offer our selling clients. Please take a look at our number plate valuation service options. We believe they offer excellent value for money! And if you sell through us, you can get your investment back.

Can I get a number plate valuation on the phone?

Yes you can.

If you need a valuation urgently, you can request this by telephone. A telephone valuation is a chargeable service. Take a look at our number plate valuation services for details.

We're very happy to value your personalised number plate for you. But unfortunately we cannot offer you an immediate number plate valuation on the phone free of charge. Valuations are done by our experienced expert, so it takes a little time.

Need a valuation double-quick?

No problem.

Take advantage of our Express Valuation Service. Fees apply.

Got more questions?

Take a look at our number plate selling FAQ's. You'll find lots of answers, we promise!

Free number plate valuations are currently available via our facebook page:

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