Private number plate ideas

If you're looking for a personalised number plate but don't really know what you want, here's your starter for ten. These are the most popular ideas, to get you started.

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Names are by far the most popular for a personalised number plates. Three letter shortened versions are teh easiest to get hold of.  Many are reasonably affordable, usually from around £1500 upwards. They're certainly not the cheapest, but that's because they are popular and sought after.

You can also get your full name, like PAUL or MARTIN. You will need a good budget for these ones.

Boys name number plates

Girls names

Asian name number plates

Lots of names like SINGH, ANIL, GOPAL, and that's just the start.


Some people choose to have their surname on their car number plate. 3 letter names (like COX) can be grabbed for not too much. Longer names are less easily available, so expect to pay significantly more for a good one. Unless you have an unusual surname!

Popular car makes

Car makes and models are also common. For instance BMW, AUDI, or MAZDA car number plates. Or particular models like X6, or T5 disappear pretty quickly too. As well as particular cars, other similar options are engine related such as V8 or V12. Also consider words like POWER or TURBO. Just be aware that when you change your car in the future you will most probably want to change the number plate too.


Your initials are probably the most affordable, if you're after a personalised number plate. But be aware, not all initials are the same! If you happen to have a set of initials that are very common (such as AJS or JHM) these will be more difficult to get hold of. And that pushes the price up. If your initials are less common (such as RFK) you'll probably be spoilt for choice. This also makes them more challenging to sell should you then put it on the market later. Unfortunately, we can't have it both ways, as muc as we'd like to.

Job related number plates

Lots of buyers opt for a number plate that's related to their job or hobby. Often seen on company vans. Theyre' really popular for company branding.  Or something quirky to make your vehicle memorable.

Cheap Irish number plates

These are absolutely great if you want to hide the age of your vehicle. They're cheap, and can be used on vehicles of any age. That makes them popular for an old car or one that's just a few months old - and everything inbetween. These registrations are cheap as chips, and you can usually get several similar ones if you're using them for a fleet of vehicles. We've often seen these on buses for instance.

Dateless number plates

These are generally considered to be the most exclusive. Like Irish number plates, they can be transferred to vehicles of any age. Old or new. Like above, you can choose your initials or a name. They're among the most expensive private number plates. But they do really stand out.

Exclusive number plates

The number 1 or a single digit makes registration numbers really stand out. They look great on any car. These are dateless registration numbers. We've all seen AMS 1 on The Apprentice.


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