Why do you need my vehicle documents for the number plate transfer?

why need vehicle documents to transfer private number plate


Why do you need my car documents to transfer my private number plate?

When we are taking care of the transfer of your new private number plate, we will ask you to send us your vehicle documents. This is normally the following:

  1. V5C Registration Document (log book)
  2. MoT Certificate.

We ask for original documents, not copies.

If you don't have these documents, we will discuss this with you depending on your circumstances.


What do you need my car documents for?

We ask for your documents because these have to be submitted to the DVLA (with other paperwork) to transfer your private number plate to your vehicle. The DVLA need these to update their computer systems. They will then issue replacements reflecting the change of number plate.

The DVLA require original documents so that they can replace them.


Is it safe to send my car documents to you?


We do suggest you send documents via recorded or special delivery. We will let you know (by email) when your documents arrive at our offices.

You may wish to make copies for your records, before you send them to us.


What happens after I send my car documents to you?

The first thing we do is check that we have all the right documents.

Then we submit your car documents (along with other paperwork) to the DVLA. We ask the DVLA to transfer your new private number plate to your vehicle. It's our job to make sure the transfer of your registration number goes smoothly.

Once the transfer is completed, you will receive notification and replacement documents from the DVLA.


Do I need to do anything else?

Yes. After you've been notified that the transfer of your private number plate has been completed you need to:

  1. Swap the number plates over on the vehicle
  2. Tell your insurance company.


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