When will I get my number plates?

when will i get my number plates


When will I get my number plates?

Ordered number plates from us?

If we are sending your new private number plate on a V750 Certificate, we will send your number plates at the same time as the Certificate. They will arrive separately from the Certificate.

BY LAW we are required to see original ID before we can send your number plates to you

The law requires us to request ID from you BEFORE we supply your number plates. This is usually a utility bill (showing your name and address) sent within the past 6 months.


If we are dealing with the number plate transfer for you, we generally send number plates once the transfer is completed. We'll let you know (by email) as soon as everything is on its way.

However, if you require them early then please ask us and we will always help. We will ask you to confirm your understanding that they cannot be used until the car has been re-registered under the new private registration number. If we send number plates early at your request, they are not refundable.


If you are planning to buy your number plates elsewhere, we advise you not to buy them until the transfer of your registration number has been completed. Though very rare, it is possible that we have a problem with the transfer of your new private registration number. We offer a money back guarantee for any registration number you buy from us. However, we cannot extend this to number plates you have bought elsewhere before we confirm a successful transfer.


Can I move the spaces around on my number plates?


All number plates used on the roads must comply with the number plate law in the UK. That includes sticking to the rules for character sizes and fonts, and the spaces between them.

The Plate Market Ltd will ONLY supply number plates that fully comply with the law. We can't change the spacing or "tweak" the letters for you.



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