What happens to my personalised number plate when I change my car?

what hapens to personalised number plate when change car


I'm getting a new car. Can I take my personalised number plate with me?

Yes, whenever you change cars, you have the choice to take your personalised number plate with you. You don't have to leave it on your car.

You must remove the registration number from your car before selling it. If you don't, ownership of the registration number will pass with ownership of the vehicle. And you risk losing it.

Make sure you allow enough time for the DVLA to process your application to remove of the registration number from the vehicle.


What if I don't have another car to put my number plate on?

If you don't have your new car yet, you can choose to hold the registration number on a DVLA Retention Document until you are ready. Then you can transfer it to another vehicle at a later date.


How do I move my personalised number plate when I change my car?

When you replace your car, you can apply to the DVLA to either transfer the registration number direct to another car, or put it on retention to transfer later.

How to transfer your private plate from your car to your new one

How to put a personaliesd number plate on a Retention Document to transfer later.

The DVLA will charge a fee for this service.


Do I have to buy another registration number to replace my personalised one?

No you don't.

When you apply to the DVLA to remove your personalised number plate, they will restore an age-related registration number back to the car. This is usually the one that was on the car originally, but is not guaranteed. This is part of the service.

All you will need to do is have number plates made up and attach them to the car. Wait till you receive official notification from the DVLA before doing this.

The DVLA will also supply replacement documents reflecting the changed registration number for your vehicle.


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