What happens to documents V5C / MoT / tax when my number plate changes?


what happens to car documents when change number plate

What happens to my car documents when my number plate is changed?

Your V5C Registration Document (also known as the log book) has the existing registration number printed on it. When the car has been re-registered under your new private number plate by the DVLA, you will receive replacement V5C Registration Document.

You will not receive a replacement MoT Certificate, but the DVLA's systems are updated automatically. So just take your vehicle for MoT as usual.

Tax discs no longer issued after 1st Ocotber 2014.

How do I get my car registration number changed?

To transfer a private number plate to your car, your car documents must be submitted to the DVLA. They will then update their computer systems and let you know when it's done. You will get replacements showing the new registration number. See What documents do I need to put a private number plate on my car? for more details.


What if I don't have my car documents?

If you've just bought the vehicle you may not have the full V5C. Though you should have the green slip V5C/2.

If you don't have the V5C Registration Document, you will need to send a completed DVLA V62 form instead. Check the instructions carefully - you may need to pay for a replacement if you are not the new keeper of the vehicle.


What else do I need to do?

Don’t forget to tell your insurance company that the registration number has changed. They will update their systems and issue a replacement Policy Schedule.

This will not be done by the DVLA or ourselves.


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