Can I transfer a number plate to a motorbike?

number plate transfer to or from motorbike


Can I transfer a private number plate to / from a motorcycle or moped?

Yes, you can transfer private registration numbers between cars and motorbikes. All the same rules apply for number plate transfer in the same way.


Are the rules different for motorcycles and mopeds?

The rules are the same for any transfering any private number plate, whether that's a motorbike, moped, or scooter. Or any other vehicle that is subject to annual testing. There are no restrictions for transfering between different types of vehicles.

There are exceptions to this. Any vehicle not subject to MoT cannot take part in the DVLA Cherished Transfer Scheme. That means you cannot remove a private number plate or transfer one to it. These are usually electric vehicles (such as milk floats) and tractors or other special vehicles.


Number plate transfer fees

The DVLA will charge you a number plate transfer fee. The fee will depend whether the private registration number you want to transfer is on a vehicle or a Certificate.


How do I transfer a private number plate to my motorbike?

If the registration number is currently on another vehicle, you will need to apply to the DVLA using a V317 form. You will need to send documents for both vehicles to the DVLA, along with the appropriate fee. Full details are included with the instructions on the form. Take a look at how to transfer a private number plate.

If the private number plate you want to transfer is on a V778 Retention Document or a V750 Certificate of Entitlement, you can transfer direct to your vehicle. If the Certificate is not in your name and your name is not printed as "Nominee", then you will need to change the nominee name. Check the certificate for instructions and fees.


How do I transfer a private number plate from my motorcycle?

If you have a private number plate on your motorcycle or moped, you can apply to the DVLA to remove the registration number. You can transfer it straight to another vehicle, which may be another motorbike or any other vehicle. Or if you don't have a vehicle to transfer it to, you can put your number plate on retention to use later.


How long do number plate transfers take?

Number plate transfers can take between 2-5 weeks from when your documents are submitted to the DVLA. It pays to check all your paperwork carefully before you send everything to the DVLA, or there could be unnecessary delays.


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