Can I get a progress report on my number plate transfer?

number plate transfer progress update


Is it possible to find out how my number plate transfer is going?

Generally not whilst the transfer is in progress.

We will check the documents you send us, to make sure everything is in order. And get in touch if there are any issues or queries.

You will receive notification once the transfer is completed.


How long will my number plate transfer take?

The time taken varies depending on the specific circumstances of the transfer. Generally, it can take around 2-5 weeks from when we have received all the documents we need, and payment is received in full.

We will advise you on approximately how long it should take for the transfer to be processed, based on averages. The time given is a guideline only - we cannot guarantee it. It can take a little longer than normal during busy periods such as leading up to Christmas.


Can I get a progress update on my number plate?

Once everything is submitted to the DVLA we must wait for everything to be processed. It's not possible to get an update on progress part way through the transfer. But, if a transfer takes longer at the DVLA than we would reasonably expect then we will of course chase it.

We respectfully ask that you do not call us to request an update if it’s still within the timeframe we have given you. You have our promise that we deal with your purchase as quickly as is humanly possible.


Can I get my number plate transfer fast-tracked?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to get a transfer “fast-tracked”. Unless you have asked us to delay the transfer, it will be submitted to DVLA within 24 working hours of receipt of all correct documents (and full payment).

We are then reliant on the DVLA to process the request to transfer your registration number to the vehicle. A simple transfer can be done in a couple of weeks. More complex transfers can take a little longer (up to 6 weeks).

The DVLA do not offer a fast track service.


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