What happens to my car documents when I get a private number plate?

what happens to car documents private number plate


What happens to my car documents when I buy a private number plate?

Your vehicle documents will be replaced by the DVLA. You will receive a new V5C Registration Document (also called the log book). MoT certificates are not replaced, but the DVLA's computer systems will be updated to show the change of registration number. If you want to check everything is updated OK, go to DVLA vehicle enquiry and search for your vehicle under the new registration number.


How long before I get my new car documents?

As soon as the DVLA have updated their computer records, they will send notification that the transfer has been done. They will send a replacement V5C Registration Document. That usually takes about a week or so, but could be up to 4 weeks later. You don't need to wait for the V5C. As soon as you receive official notification (by letter or email) that the transfer has been completed you can swap your number plates and inform your car insurance company.


What happens to my old car documents?

When we deal with the transfer for you, your old car documents will become obsolete at the time the transfer has been completed. These will not be returned to you.


Will I get a replacement tax disc?

As of 1st October 2014 the DVLA no longer issues tax discs. Your vehicle tax continues unchanged. You do not need to do anything extra regarding your tax as the DVLA records will be updated at the time the transfer is completed. Any reminders will be sent as normal (displaying the new registration number).  See more on the abolition of the UK tax disc.


What happens when I want to sell my car?

When you are ready to change your car at a later date, you will need to apply to the DVLA to remove the registration number from the car. When your application is processed, the DVLA will allocate another standard regsitration number to the car. They will also issue a new V5C Registration Document showing the replacement registration. Then all you will have to do is replace the number plates.

The replacement registration number allocated is usually the original standard one that was on the car. But this is not guaranteed.


What if I don't have an MoT?

If your car is too new to require an MoT then you do not need to supply one when applying to transfer a private number plate to it.

If your MoT has expired, you will need to get one before the registration number can be changed.



Here are the answers to some more questions you may have:

My MoT / tax has expired. Can I still transfer a private number plate to my car?


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