I paid a deposit. How and when do I pay the balance?

deposit and balance payments for private number plate


I paid a deposit. When is the balance due? How do I pay?

If you’ve paid a deposit, the balance is due within 10 days of purchase. Check your Order Confirmation (sent to you by email) for more information. Transfer cannot begin till the balance is paid in full.

You'll find more details in terms for buying number plates.


Why did you only take a deposit?

In some cases, we just take a deposit when you purchase online.

The first step is for us to secure the registration number for you. Once this is confirmed, we will ask for the balance.


How do I pay the balance?

Please call us to pay the balance. You can pay by debit or credit card. Debit cards are free. Credit card fees apply.

Alternatively, if you prefer to pay by another method please let us know and we will advise you.

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