How long to transfer my new private number plate to my car?

how long to transfer a private number plate to my car


How long will my number plate transfer take?

The time taken to transfer your new private number plate to your car can vary, depending on the circumstances. On average it takes around 3-5 weeks.


Pulling together the documents

The first thing that needs to happen is to collect all the right documents together. For the transfer we need all the paperwork for the vehicle the registration number is going on. If you are buying from us, we will provide you with full instructions regarding the documents we need from you.

We also need the documents for the new private number plate. This may just be a Certificate, or it may be vehicle documents if the registration number is coming from another vehicle. Nothing can get started till all the documents have been pulled together.


How long after you have my documents?

On average it takes around 3-5 weeks from receipt of your documents (and payment of any outstanding balance). We turn documents around as quickly as possible. For the rest we are reliant on the DVLA to update their records and provide replacement documents. On some occasions it can take a little longer, up to 12 weeks. But this is extremely rare.

We cannot start anything till we receive ALL the documents requested for the transfer, and they are valid. So please do check you have sent us everything or your number plate transfer will be delayed.

We will give you our best “guesstimate” for the time we expect it to take, but we can’t guarantee it.


How long before I can put my new number plates on my car?

You must wait until you receive DVLA confirmation that the transfer has been completed.


What happens to my old number plate?

Unless you apply to keep your existing registration number, it will be "lost". If this is also a private number plate you would need to apply to retain the registration number at the same time.

When you change cars later you can move the personalised registration number to your next car.


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