How do you value a number plate?

how do you value a private number plate


How do you value a private number plate?

Our number plate valuations are carried out by a human being.

Computer programs cannot “see” words and names. So we believe only a real person can value a registration number properly. We consider a number of things, and use our expert knowledge of the market. We consider things like rarity, demand in the market, how easy it is to “see” the name or word, and how much demand there is for that type of registration number.

Our valuations are realistic. We do not under-value registration numbers to get a quick sale. And we don’t over-value them to persuade you to advertise with us.


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What changes the value of private number plates?

There are lots of factors that affect this. Here are some of the main ones:

  1. The type of registration number is probably one of the biggest factors. As a rule, dateless number plates are the most valuable. But not always.
  2. Names and words in a private number plate add a huge amount to the value. The more clear and obvious it is, the better. Names are especially popular. Some names are more common than others, and that also affects the value of a registration number.
  3. Rarity. How many were ever issued? And how many of them are availability to buy? This is even more true for dateless style number plates.
  4. How much demand is there for a particular number plate? In other words, how many people might want it? Some names are more common than others, some initials are more common than others.


Is it possible to get an instant number plate valuation online?

Not really. Instant valuations rely on a computer programme to work out the value.

Some valuations are easy to do. These can potentially be done (with some reliability) using some kind of automated system. BUT this doesn't take into account anything that might be "special" about it. The computer programme often can't "see" a name or word that might be in the registration number.

For instance M3 AJS is worth more than M7 AJS. On the face of it these number plates are very similar. BUT we know that there is a BMW model, the M3. So that increases the appeal of M3 AJS over M7 AJS.

There are just so many things that affect the value of a private number plate, that it makes it impossible to automate it. All our valuations are done by a human being with many years of experience in selling private number plates.


How do I get my valuation?

Valuations for private number plates are offered free of charge, and with no obligation to sell.

You will receive an email when it's done.


How long does it take to value my number plate?

We will do our best to get your free valuation done within 3-4 working days. This may be a bit longer during busy periods such as Christmas time.


Can I get a valuation straightaway on the phone?

I'm sorry but we are unable to offer free number plate valuations over the phone.

If you are in a hurry, we offer an Express Number Plate Valuation. You will receive a valuation within 1 working hour, by text and email. There is a charge for this service.

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