Do I have to buy my number plates from you?

do I have to buy number plates from you


Do I have to buy number plates from you?


You can buy your number plates wherever you wish.

Most of our customers choose to buy number plates from us for convenience. And because they know our number plates are of good quality.


Why buy number plates from The Plate Market?


  1. Quality
    We only supply high quality number plates. They are not all the same!
  2. Free delivery.
    There's no extra charge for delivery.
  3. Convenient
    Number plates direct to your door.


Still want to buy your number plates elsewhere?

Here are a few pointers for you:

  1. You'll need ID
    Number plate manufacturers require ID and proof of ownership before they make up your number plates. This is required by law. Be wary if you're not asked for these.
  2. Make sure they are legal
    Be sure you have legal number plates. Don't be temtped by fancy fonts and badges.
  3. Check quality
    Check the quality of finish on the number plates.


Here are the answers to some more questions:

When will I get my number plates?

When can I put my new number plates on my car?

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