Can I transfer a number plate to a Q registered vehicle?

can i transfer private registration to Q registered vehicle


Can I transfer a private number plate to a Q registered kit car?


If a vehicle as been allocated a Q registration, it cannot be changed to a standard registration number or a personalised one. It will remain as a Q. Vehicles with a ‘Q’ registration cannot have a private registration number allocated.


Can I transfer a Q number plate to a standard car?

No. ‘Q’ registrations are reserved for kit cars and certain exports. They are not allocated to standard cars or other vehicles.

The DVLA does not allow them to be transferred to another vehicle. Q registratered vehicles are not part of the Cherished Transfer Scheme.


What is a Q registered vehicle?

The DVLA will allocate a Q registration number to a vehicle if the identity of the vehicle is in doubt, and the owner can't prove all the aspects of that are required. They are also allocated to kit rebuilt or kit modified cars. The rules vary depending on whether the car is imported, restored, or radically changed. If this applies to you, you'll find all the details you need about Vehicle Registration here.


Can I buy a Q registration number for my car?

No. As these do not qualify for number plate transfers, they are not available to buy unfortunately.

The letter Q is not used in registration numbers in the UK, except for special vehicles as described above.


Can I sell my Q number plate?

Q registrations can not be transferred between cars so you cannot offer it for sale. If you have a vehicle that has been allocated a Q number plate, this is non-transferable.


What other vehicles are not part of Cherished Transfer Scheme?

Most vehicles can have pirvate number plates transferred to them.

There are some exceptions. Electric vehicles (like milk floats), tractors etc... anything that doesn't require an annual test (such as MoT or HGV).


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