Can I move spaces and letters on the number plate?

can I change spacing and letters on number plate


Can I move spaces and letters on my private number plate?


Changing the spacing on a number plate is illegal. This applies to all number plates, even if you have a personalised one.


Why can't I change the number plate spacing?

Having letters spaced correctly makes it easier for people and computer systems. Changing the spaces affects the computer systems. These days many computer systems (such as speed checks and road tax checking) rely on computer systems to read a number plate correctly.


What are the rules for number plates?

The DVLA have some very specific rules for number plate spacing and letter sizing. These apply regardless of whether yours is a standard number plate or a personalised one.

You must follow DVLA number plate law. You can’t change the spaces or distort letters and numbers as this is not legal. You could be stopped by the police and be fined.


What happens if I change the spaces on my number plate?

Some companies will offer to make up your number plates with whatever spacing you ask for. They are often referred to as "show plates". Which basically means they are not road legal, but can be used at car shows etc.

Changing the spaces between letters can sometimes make it easier to see the name or word you are creating. It can be tempting to do it. BUT it is not legal to use these on the road. And you run the risk of a fine.


Don't be tempted

Thre are so many websites around offering lots of fancy fonts and badges for cartoon characters or football teams. It's tempting to go that bit further to personalise your number plate. But these are illegal. Only national flags and the GB Euro symbol are legal. If you're not sure, check with the DVLA before you buy. And make sure your number plate supplier is listed on the RNPS (Register of Number Plate Suppliers).


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