Number plate transfer to Northern Ireland - how does it work?

Transfer a DVLA private number plate to Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland private number plates transfer how it works

How does transfer a number plate to Northern Ireland work?

A private number plate currently held on a DVLA V750 Certificate or a DVLA V778 Retention Document can be transferred direct to a vehicle registered in Northern Ireland.

This is how it works:

Northern Ireland number plate transfer V750 V778Number plate transfer to your car in Northern Ireland

If the private number plate is held on a DVLA V750 Certificate of Entitlement or a V778 Retention Document, it can be transferred direct to a car registered in Northern Ireland. Two transfers are no longer needed.

If the registration number you want to transfer is currently on a vehicle on mainland UK, you can also transfer it direct to your vehicle. Even if your vehicle is registered to an address in Northern Ireland.

Until recently, transfers from a mainland UK Certificate V778 or V750 needed a double transfer. But this is no longer needed, since the DVA (Coleraine) was merged with the DVLA (Swansea). All transfers are now processed by DVLA Swansea.


Need to transfer a Northern Ireland number plate to mainland GB?

If you have an Irish number plate that's on a white Certificate of Entitlement (V750-NI), these can be transferred to any vehicle in mainland UK. There are no restrictions, even on age. These days there aren't too many registration numbers still held on a white V750(NI). If you have one, the Certificate is likely to have expired. If you need help with an expired Certificate, contact us to see if we can help.

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