How do I change cherished number plates

Under the DVLA Cherished Number Plate Transfer Scheme, the DVLA allows you to transfer a personal number plate from one vehicle to another.

So what's the transfer process for private number plates?

Transferring car registration numbers is pretty straightforward. We've outlined the main steps here:

How to transfer a personalised number plate

You can apply to transfer a UK personal number plate using the DVLA number plate transfer form V317 “Transferring a Car Registration Number”. You can download a V317 form here.

Complete the V317 personal number plate transfer (UK) form. Then send it to the DVLA, with the following documents:

  • Original Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5 / V5C) for both vehicles. If you’ve just acquired the vehicle, see instructions on the V317 form for alternative documentation
  • V317 form completed and signe
  • DVLA fee. See DVLA form for details
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