How can I transfer a number plate from Northern Ireland Certificate V750-NI

Transfer a Northern Ireland number plate to mainland UK


Number plate transfer from Northern Ireland V750-NI

Need to transfer a Northern Ireland number plate to mainland UK?

A private number plate on a V750-NI Northern Ireland Certificate can be transferred across to mainland UK. These days, there aren't too many of these around. And if you have one, it will most likely have expired. Check yours.

There was a time when two transfers were needed. But that's no longer the case. When Northern Ireland DVA was closed, everything was moved across to be maanged by the DVLA in Swansea. So that means private registration numbers can be transferred from Northern Ireland to mainland UK (and vice versa) without any restrictions or complications.

Added to this, registration numbers can now also be put on retention if you're resident in Northern Ireland.

NI Certificates have been replaced by a pink DVLA V750 Certificate.


Transfer number plate from Northern Ireland V750NINumber plate transfer to your car in UK mainland

First we assign the registration number to one of our cars registered in Northern Ireland. Then we transfer it to your car in mainland UK.

The Plate Market Ltd offers this specialist service, including supplying a vehicle for the transfer and all the paperwork with DVA / DVLA.

Please call us on 0115 714 9009 for full details and a quote, or Contact Us


Why do we need to do two transfers for Northern Ireland number plates?

The DVLA in Swansea is a separate authority from the DVA in Coleraine. Unfortunately, we can't transfer a registration number from a NI Certificate straight to your car in mainland UK.


Need to transfer a number plate to Northern Ireland?

If you have or wish to buy a registration number that's on a DVLA Certificate, the same double transfer is needed... but in reverse of course.

Need to know more? See transfer a DVLA number plate to Northern Ireland for more details.

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