DVLA V62 Application for Vehicle Registration Certificate V5C

DVLA V62 Application for Vehicle Registration Document V5C

DVLA V62 Application forVehicle Registration Certificate V5C
Use this DVLA V62 form to apply for a Vehicle Registration Certificate V5C. This could be if you have bought a vehicle but haven't received the V5C in your name.
The form comes with full instructions on how to complete it.
You can also use this DVLA V62 form form if your V5C Registration Document is lost or stolen.
Download DVLA V62 Application form Vehicle Registration Document V5C

More on the DVLA V62 form

The V62 form can be used when you apply to the  DVLA for a V5C Registration Document. This may be because you have just bought a vehicle, and don't yet have it registered in your name. You should at least have the small green slip V5C/2, which looks like this:


You may also use the DVLA V62 form to apply for a replacement V5C Registration Document if you've lost or damaged the original. Charges apply: see form for details.


Other DVLA forms you may need:

Use this form to apply to transfer your private number plate from one vehicle to another vehicle, or to put it onto a Retention Document.
This form is to apply for a tax disc. If your tax has expired, you will need to tax the vehicle at the same time as transferring a private number plate onto it. You must do these at the same time. And don't forget - you need your Insurance Certificate when applying for tax.
You may have one of these for your private number plates.
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