DVLA V62 and V5C-2

Don't have the full V5C Registration Document?


There may be some circumstances where you want to transfer a private number plate to your car, but you don't have the V5C Registration Document (also known as the log book). You can still go ahead with the transfer application, without waiting.

You will need to complete a DVLA V62 form. Download from the link below.

Just bought the car?

You may have just bought a new car. It can take a couple of weeks to for the replacement V5C log book to arrive. If you are the new owner, you should have the little green slip V5C/2 (New Keeper Supplement). See image shown.

Send the V5C/2 with a completed V62. Details of any fees payable are expained on the V62 form.

Check the form for full instructions on what you need to do.

V5C Registration Document lost or damaged?

If you already own the vehicle, it's possible you may have lost the V5C. Or perhaps it's been stolen.

Complete the V62 form. Full instructions are on the DVLA form. A fee may be payable (see details on the form).

For more help about using the V62 form, please refer direct to the DVLA.

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