DVLA number plate forms

DVLA forms for private number plates

These are the main DVLA forms you need for car registration plates, and other vehicle documents.


DVLA form V317 private number plate transfer and retention

DVLA form V317 number plate transfer and retentionYou can use this form to either transfer a private car registration plate direct from one vehicle to another, or place it on retention. Full instructions on how to fill this in are on the form.

Download the DVLA V317 form




DVLA form V62 Application for Vehicle Registration Document V5C (log book)

DVLA form V62If you don’t have the V5C Registration Document for your car, you can request one from the DVLA.

This may be because you have just bought the car and you only have the little green slip V5C/2. If you haven’t received a replacement V5C displaying your name you can request one using this form.

If you have lost or damaged your V5C Registration Document you can get a replacement. The DVLA will make a charge for replacing it. Full details are on the form.

Download the DVLA V62 form


DVLA form V10 Application for car tax

DVLA form V10If your car is not taxed, use the DVLA V10 form to apply for tax if you are doing it by post. This could be if your car is currently declared SORN, or if you do not have the reminder letter. If you are transferring a private number plate to your car, you will need to tax the vehicle at the same time. You cannot put a private number plate on a car that is not taxed.

You can also apply for vehicle tax online, if you have the appropriate documents.

Download a DVLA V10 form for tax disc


DVLA V750 Certificate of Entitlement

DVLA form V750 Certificate of Entitlement for number platesThis is an official DVLA certificate for private number plates. It shows the details of the registration number, and the owner (stated as the “Purchaser”). You need this document in order to assign that private registration number to a vehicle.

Read more about the V750 Certificate of Entitlement




DVLA V778 Retention Document

DVLA form V778 Retention Certificate for number platesThe DVLA V778 Retention Document looks very similar to the V750 Certificate of Entitlement, and works in much the same way. It’s an official DVLA document showing the owner (shown as the “Grantee”). This is needed to transfer the registration number to a vehicle.

Read more about the V778 Retention Document




These are the main DVLA forms you will need for private number plates. They are used for transferring from car to car, putting one on retention, or assigning to a vehicle from a Certificate.

The DVLA forms come with full instructions on how to use them, details of DVLA fees for services, and the documents you need to support your application. Please read the small print carefully, and check all your documents are valid.


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