Dateless number plates

Dateless registration numbers in the UK

These types of registration number is very popular, as they are often perceived to be more "exclusive".

Here are some examples:

dateless number plates TW 5664dateless number plates 15 RANdateless number plates 346 DOUdateless number plates SUE 246dateless number plates 12 KOdateless number plates JS 100dateless number plates 2 Rdateless number plates 359 JON

What are dateless number plates?

Car registration numbers issued in the UK before 1963 are referred to as dateless number plates.

When number plates were first issued in 1903, they were issued as they were needed. The letter combinations were allocated to specific areas in the country, and the numbers were just used up as they were needed. Areas that were more heavily populated generally had more cars, so more registration numbers were issued.

Why are they called dateless number plates?

Before 1963 the letters and numbers gave no indication of when the registration number was issued (called a year identifier). So there's no easy way of knowing what year they were issued. That's where the term dateless comes from

Because these registration numbers have no year associated with them, it means they can be transferred to any vehicle whatever its age. That makes them perfect for hiding the age of your car.

It also makes them very desirable.

What do they look like?

These can start with letters or numbers.

They start with one, two, or three letters...followed by up to four numbers. Or they can start with up to four numbers, followed by a maximum of 3 letters.

There are some examples on this page.

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Are they worth anything?


Dateless car registration numbers are sought after because they have no year identifier. So they can be used to disguise the age of a vehicle. They're old of course - pre 1963. And they are much more difficult to get hold of.

Added to which, they just look great.

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How much is a dateless number plate worth?

Well this depends the letters and numbers.

Short names like SUE or JON will fetch £1000's. The exact amount will depend on the numbers alongside.. Common initials will have a lot of value too. A lot is dependent on how popular the letters are, and how many have been issued.

Even obscure letter combinations can attract £500+.

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