Current style number plates

UK Current style number plates

These are also sometimes called new style registrations. Here we explain what these are and how they are different from other types of UK number plates.

Here are some examples:

current style number plate CHILL CH11 LLXcurrent style number plate Bridget BR10 GEXcurrent style number plate Emily EM11 LYXcurrent style number plate Kiran TK11 RANcurrent style number plate White WH11 TEXcurrent style number plate Singh OK61 NGHcurrent style number plate Adrian Ady GO60 ADY

What are UK current style number plates?

Current style number plates are just that... the format we use in the UK right now. They came into use in September 2001 when we ran out of letters for prefix number plates here in the UK. They have a year identifier made up of 2 digits.

What do current style number plates look like?

All current style number plates follow the same format: two letters, two digits (which make the year identifier), and then 3 more letters.

What is a current style number plate

Because these are issued with a year identifier, a DVLA rule applies, and there's no getting around it. You cannot transfer a private number plate to your car if it would make it appear to be newer than it is. The registration number OK61 NGH is from 1st September 2011. That means you can't transfer it to car if it's older than this date. You'll just have to indulge in a new car!

We've listed the the exact year that any current style number plate was issued should you want to know more :)

There are also some more examples on this page.

Are current style number plates worth anything?

Sometimes yes.

Current style number plates are the most common around, and there are 2 new issues every year. So the majority of them don't really have much (if any) resale value. So if you're buying a private number plate with investment in mind you should think carefully. Like any other registration number, if the letters and numbers make an easily recognisable name or word then it is likely to have some value. But if there are lots of extra characters or numbers that don't have any significance then you'll struggle to sell as there will be 100's more similar ones on the market.

How much is a current style number plate worth?

Like any other registration number, it depends on the letters and digits... and just how many similar regiatrations are available to buy.

If there's a clear name or word  using most of the letters and numbers (like in the examples on this page) then there is value. How much depends on demand. Also, popular names like TOM or JEN are valuable to a degree - but it makes a big difference what the other four letters and numbers are on that number plate.

Got a current style number plate you're thinking of selling? Ask us for a free number plate valuation.

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