Private number plates for Christmas

Well it's that time of year... the rush for private number plates as an alternative Christmas present is now over. And it's been busy. Busier than you might expect in the current climate.

It seems a private number plate has never been more popular as a gift for Christmas. There's no doubt it's a great alternative to the usual options. And it's by no means restricted to men. We've had wives buying for husbands, boyfriends buying for girlfriends, parents buying for sons and daughters... and every variation. And one client bought a private number plate for every member of her family - husband, son, daughter... and even one for herself! It seems the others in the family hadn't picked up on her hints... so she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Most of our clients requested to have the private registration number they'd chosen assigned to the person's car just in time for Christmas. That meant that,when the gift was opened they could just walk out to the car, attach the new number plates and swap the tax disc... and that's it. It's ready to go. Perfect.

If you are considering buying a private number plate as a gift for someone (Christmas, birthdays, Mothers Day, Fathers Day... or just because!), and you want to have it assigned in time for the special day - then it's important to allow enough time to get it all done. Depending on the number plate you've chosen, it can take from around 3 weeks... and possibly (in a very small number of cases) up to 12 weeks. You'll also need to be able to get hold of the person's car documents - so bear this in mind too.

If you haven't allowed enough time, or you can't get hold of the person's car documents, there is another option. In many cases, it's possible to have the private number 'on a Certificate'. That means it still needs to be assigned to the person's car, and once that's done you can have the number plates made up and attached to the car.

Oh yes... and don't forget to let your insurance company know you've changed the number plate on the car!

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