Number plates for Dr Who?

Doctor Who number plate ideas

Watching Dr Who battle the 'Hosts' today on the 'Titanic', finishing up in London, left me thinking about a number plate that might appeal to The Doctor. Or for that matter some other TV characters. It sparked a lively conversation, and I thought I'd share some of the better results with you.....!

Dr Who - T111 EDR
The enigmatic Agent 007 may plump for J8 OND or perhaps the ultimate OO 7
Top Gear's Richard Hammond would be delighted with HAM 573R
Del Boy would be a 19 carat P10 NKA!
Would Jamie Oliver choose to go NAK 3D?
Wallace (and of course Gromit!) would be a huge fan of CHE 35E.
Frankie Dettori could go for HOR 5E of course.

Oh dear.... I need to work on an alternative occupation for Christmas day....!! Too much wine, perhaps......? Or maybe not enough!!!

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