Cars and number plates at Melton Mowbray

Last night I popped across to Melton Mowbray for an informal gathering of cars and motorbikes. It was a stunning evening - so it had to be top down, shades on, loud music... as i whizzed along the country lanes down to Melton in my little MX-5. Fab :) I'm not really a petrol head, but I do love cars. I see cars as works of art - with lots of character and amazing shapes and lines. Being a girlie, what goes on under the bonnet doesn't really push any buttons (pardon the pun!) for me. As usual, there was a mix of classic and modern cars, as well as some bizarre and quirky vehicles. There are no rules... As a regular, I see many of the same vehicles each month. So it's a great chance to meet the owners & have a chat about some of the cars. I'll probably feature one or two as time goes on. Last night I spied an Austin Healey frogeye sprite, and a Hillman Imp - neither of which I'd seen before. Needless to say, many of the classic cars have their original (dateless) number plates. Not too many caught my eye particularly - though I liked this FAB number plate on an early police car.

Police car FAB number plate

Melton Mowbray is an informal gathering, that takes place every month (April to September), on the last Friday of the month. Generally speaking, the majority of the attendees live within 20 or so miles of the town. The good wetaher brought out quite a lot last night - many of the vehicles rarely see the light of day, and have probably never seen a raindrop for a couple of decades. But it doesn't really matter what car you've got - my little MX-5 is pretty uninteresting in the great scheme of things.

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