5 reasons to buy Irish number plates

Irish number plates are really popular.



  1. Irish number plates are cheap
    Irish number plates are the cheapest number plates for sale. They start from around £99.
  2. There are lots of Irish number plates to choose from.
    There are plenty around, which keeps prices very affordable.
  3. Irish number plates are dateless
    Which means you can assign them to any vehicle. It's a great way to disguise the age of your car.
  4. Irish number plates can look good
    Some letter / number combinations can look great, even if they don't mean anything.
  5. They contain the letters I and Z.
    These letters don't appear on standard registration numbers (though Z has now been introduced on current style number plates). I and Z open up possibilities for shortened names like KAZ, or LIL.

As private number plates go, Irish number plates have a lot going for them.


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